About Me

Born in the midwest in the ‘70s, I found a love for drawing, design, and all things visual at an early age. With a father in advertising I could often be found with a pencil or paintbrush in hand. After college I founded my own advertising agency where I oversaw hundreds of national ad campaigns. It was during this time that I began exploring the camera as my medium. As digital photography was just emerging, I often found myself playing digi-tech (before it was an official title) at a St. Louis commercial photography studio. I helped develop and build the workflow to capture, backup and archive the massive amount of data captured on early medium format digital backs from Dicomed and PhaseOne.

Evolving from a Hobby to a Career in 2015, my Passion for photography has taken me all across the globe to cities well know in the Fashion and Beauty Industry (Los Angeles, Miami, Sydney).

My unique style evolves around clean, effortless beauty aesthetics, paired with bold colors and lighting adorning beautiful products, bodies and faces.